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High altitude operation platform related series standard

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China aerial platform industry since 1978, the development speed is very fast, the use of the scope of the industry, the social development has played a certain role in promoting. But the equipment for manned aerial work of equipment, more manufacturers. Due to the lack of appropriate standards, norms, the safety awareness of the various manufacturers, production conditions, product quality is not the same, there is a safety accident. The standard formulated formulated the unified regulations for manufacturers to design, production and use, to ensure the safe operation and prevent accidents and to guide the product design, manufacture and use play a role. The series of standards is according to the Ministry of construction to build standard [1994] No. 242 of the paper and [1992]214 No. Construction Department of product standards, amend the project plan issued by the task, by the Building Research Institute of Building Mechanization Research Branch of the responsible editor of the series of standards, the series of standard reference American standard ANSIA9.25, 1980 the moving arm type lifting platform, and the American Standard ANSI-A9.25 - 1979 the self-propelled aerial work platform ", and in the light of the European standards. The standard by the review in 1996 26 january. Review of the views as follows: the platform for the full range of operating standards, supporting strong, based on the full, reflecting the advanced and scientific standards, the main performance indicators to achieve the international advanced level. The standard was released in June 23, 1998.