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Shanghai Ling Gong mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Ling Gong is a logistics equipment service provider with many years of professional experience. For a long time, the labor force has been developing in the Chinese market, and has a good reputation in China's forklift industry. Since 2007, LINGGONG has focused on the accumulation of the service of electric storage and logistics equipment, and has become a professional equipment supplier and service provider for electric stack cars, trucks and forklifts.

Ling Gong emphasizes social responsibility, to "energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon and high efficiency" as the enterprise mission, is committed to hard work, continuous innovation, reduce costs, reduce resource consumption and pollution, provide more green handling equipment for mankind, for the benefit of mankind, the green component of a harmonious home.

 "With innovation and development", the industry emphasizes the innovation of products and constantly supplies new products to meet the demand of the market. The company operating a full range of logistics equipment products, from manual handling car, manual hydraulic forklift trucks, semi electric stacker, full electric pallet truck, electric forklift trucks to electric forklift total of more than 30 varieties, hundreds of specifications, can fully meet the market of logistics handling equipment in all indoor and outdoor under the environment of work needs.

Ling Gong The current main product line industrial forklift: forklift trucks (full electric stacker, semi electric stacker, manual forklift trucks, vans) (full electric pallet truck, semi electric truck, manual handling car, high lift truck, electric forklift),. Among them, CDD series electric stack cars and CBD series electric transporters are the most successful works. Their advanced AC AC drive technology and EPS electronic power steering technology are the first domestic products, and user experience is far ahead of the similar products in China. Therefore, it has been favored by famous enterprises such as Chery, Fujitsu, Shanghai Volkswagen, Daimei group and so on.

At the same time, the industry innovation to provide warehousing logistics equipment leasing, marketing, maintenance, spare parts all in one service, to provide a set of modern logistics solution for the customers, save more resources for customers at the same time to realize the production and operation of goods more efficient, to achieve the true sense of "energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon efficient".

Ling Gong development of the workers can not be separated from the strong support of many customers, employees and suppliers, and the common growth is the goal pursued by the company.