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Plugged electric heap high vehicle (AC motor)2018-03-20

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1.2 tons full electric heap high truck CDD12 load 2.5 meters 3 meters 3.5 meters 3.5 meters 4 meters

1, AC AC drive system makes the vehicle respond more quickly, control more accurately, run more smoothly, and the use time and life span of the battery are more durable.

2, the special design of AC AC drive motor, provide more powerful power, at the same time the AC motor is not needed to replace carbon brush, and later maintenance free.

3, the latest American import AC controller has reliable quality and excellent performance. It has the functions of regenerative braking, reverse braking and multi parameter adjustment. It can make the vehicle's motion performance reach the best state under different operation conditions.

4, add the electronic turning function of the domestic patent, greatly reduce the power needed for steering, improve driving stability and comfort, and effectively reduce the intensity of work.

5. The frame structure is strong and durable, which ensures the fork to handle the heavy goods easily.

6, intelligent display system: timers and meter at any time display the use of electricity, convenient to notify the operator to charge timely

7, the battery side pull design, convenient maintenance and replacement, improve work efficiency, battery size and capacity of a wide range of options, convenient for users to choose according to actual needs.

8, the head of the handle is designed by ergonomics, the operation is comfortable and convenient, the position of the control button is designed scientifically, and the manipulations of the left and right hands are convenient. It is also equipped with an emergency reverse switch, which greatly protects the safety of the operator.

9. The door frame is equipped with an electronic limit switch, and the door frame rises to the maximum lifting height automatically. The motor stops working to prevent damage to the hoisting motor.

10, the portal frame adopts the imported German channel steel, which has light quality, high strength, strong and durable structure, and ensures the rising and decreasing of the fork's safety and stability.

11. The door frame is equipped with transparent safety baffle to protect the operator from accidental injury and to ensure more open field of vision.

12, double oil cylinder lifting design, the frame of the carriage hoisting connecting rod adopts the synchronous link, so that even in the case of partial load, it can also achieve a smooth rise and drop.

13, the world's first-class hydraulic station, low noise, small vibration, good sealing performance, full load drop speed automatic adjustment, ensure that the rise and fall of a stable and reliable.

14, the innovative driving floating operation adjustable system (DFA) realizes the smooth and non inclined car body when turning at high speed. Under heavy load, the handle is handy and flexible. According to different working fields, the handle power of the handle can be adjusted, and the strength of the operator can be reduced.