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Balance heavy all electric forklift2018-06-26

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The CPD15FJ / CPD20FJ liberation series heavy duty electric forklift truck is designed with four pivot points and the latest international AC AC drive system.
The vehicle performance is strong and the battery is durable. This section is equipped with two 1500kg and 2000kg weights, with a height of 3 meters.
High lifting height, the maximum lifting height can reach the domestic leading 6.5 meters.

Computer simulation technology is used to optimize vehicle layout, improve vehicle performance and reduce energy consumption.

The AC driving controller and the AC driving motor synchronize the personalized matching design to achieve strong power and good maneuverability.

The controller has multiple forced heat dissipation, reduces working temperature and reduces battery consumption.

High quality hydraulic steering gear and equipped with steering automatic energy saving control;

Waterproof and dust-proof imported electrical appliances ensure the reliability of electrical appliances.

The integrated fuel tank improves the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and avoids the leakage of the oil tank.

High strength door frame structure improves service life.
High safety and easy operation maintenance

Regenerative braking, slope anti skid, AC controller ensures safe driving.

Emergency power failure, overload maintenance, broken gantry pipeline, automatic fall prevention and back handrails, improve vehicle safety.

Wide vision gantry and low console provide better vision and convenient operation.

The steering wheel can be adjusted, the driving space is large, the brake acceleration pedal is optimized, and the new instrument position is innovating and designing, thus achieving higher operation comfort.

The left and right large capacity toolbox, upper and lower lower pedals and larger handrails are fully considered.

The maintenance free AC running motor can provide fault code meters and reduce maintenance difficulty.

Opening the guard boards on both sides of the car can check the controller, hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and other electrical appliances, thus reducing the maintenance workload.